I play soccer 3 days a week and do CrossFit the other 4. With so much activity, I began feeling exhausted and wiped out.  I quickly realized my diet was not up to par for the type of exercise or the duration and frequency in which I was participating. I set up a consultation with Libby Hugo, RDN.  During my consultation, Libby helped me understand the importance of fueling my body with the right kinds of foods as well as portions of those foods; she also made me realize the importance of post-workout nutrition. We went through food lists together and she created a guideline from which to build balanced meals. I walked away with simple suggestions I could incorporate into my lifestyle without making me feel like I had to change everything I eat. I was also able to set realistic and attainable goals that I am moving towards every day. Overall the experience was great and I look forward to feeling better and seeing the results at my next CrossFit competition.

–Kelsea A.